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The British Empire


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 In 1901, the year in which Queen Victoria died, the British Empire was spread out over a quarter of the World’s surface and contained a fifth of its people. It had a huge impact not just on Britain but more importantly on those territories that were part of the British Empire. The world we inhabit has been shaped by that Empire and if we are to fully understand our world and its people, understanding the British Empire is crucial to this understanding. It is my hope that this website can go some way to foster a greater understanding of the British Empire.  

ritish Empire

Key Features of the c19th British Empire

Essays to introduce you to the British Empire

James Aggrey

Was the British Empire Racist?

An Outline History of the British Empire

The Amritsar Massacre

Kipling's Years in Rottingdean

Why Study the Empire?

Sir Bartle Frere

The Boer War

The Legacy of the British Empire

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Turning Points

What was the ideology of the British Empire?

How important was migration?

Key Questions

Turning Points

What was the Raj?

What was the role of sport?

How was the Empire run?

The Opening of the Suez Canal

The Treaty of Waitangi

The Abolition of Slavery